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Blackberry Vs Active Sync – The WAR is ON !!!!

                 It’s been quite many years since Blackberry Technology has rule the world with its impeccable, secure and fast messaging technology on mobile devices. Now the industry has changed, with the introduction Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 it seems to me that monopoly of blackberry is over. I have […]

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Recovering Deleted Emails

Most of the times if we have deleted any email from outlook ( Specifically hard deleted), we are forced to believe that it cannot be recovered without restoring from backup, which is not completely true. We can recover any email deleted/ Archived from the Mailbox if it has not passed the deleted item retention period […]

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Extracting Distribution List information in Exchange

This was due for quite some time, & I spent good two days for this. keeping it short , here is a Script that extracts all DL’s ( including Query based), their DL managers, number of members & the restriction if any on the DL’s .needless to say this was one of the task I loved  […]

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How to Setup Mailflow between two different Forests in a Lab using VMWare

How to Setup Mailflow between two different Forests in a Lab using VMWare                                                     How to setup Mailflow between a forest in a Lab Infrastructure : This technical document provides you the basic necessary steps to have mailflow from one forest to another forest. This is just a lab environment for testing purpose and learning the new […]

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Installing Trusted Root Certificate Authority on Windows7/Xp

1. Start Microsoft Management  Console (MMC) Start=>Run=>Type MMC =>Ok   2.  Go to File=>Add/Remove Snap-In..   3.  Add Certificate From the left pane of snap-in select “certificates” and click “Add”, this will move it to right pane. Now hit “Ok”   4. Now, select “Computer Account” option and click “Next ”   5. Select “Local Computer” and click “Finish”   […]

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Outlook Prompts for Password again and again.

  In a Microsoft Exchange Environment, Outlook may ask you for log on credentials over and over again. It is very common that this happens because you have stored an invalid or different password in your Vault sometime in the past. Maybe you did not even notice or pay attention.   Where is this vault […]

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Transition from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 – Part2

Installation of Exchange Server

Before I could go ahead with the
installation of Exchange Server 2010, I would like to let you know that scope of this article –
After going through this article you will have the basic knowledge about the installation of exchange server 2010 with co-existence of Exchange 2003, how to move mailboxes, public folder, OAB,
creation of connector in Exchange server 2010 and finally we will decommission the exchange 2003 server from one organization.

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Transition from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010-Part-1

Transition from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010-Part-1

A Brief Overview on Exchange Server 2010

Before the
release of Exchange Server 2010, we had deep dive on
Exchange Server 2003 Transition to Exchange Server

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BITPro User Group meet on 13th March, 2010

Welcome!                                                                  BITPro User Group meet on 13th March, 2010. AGENDA:  Time  Topics  Speakers   3:00Pm to 3:15Pm                                                  Registration & Welcom UG Leaders  BITPro Team  3:15Pm to 4:15PMm  Getting Started with Windows PowerShell Scripting  Mr. Ravkianth, Dell-India  4:15Pm to 4:45Pm  Tea Break    4:45Pm to 5:45Pm   Transirtion from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010  Mr. Ismail Mohammed – Unisys, […]

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